Program Schedule

The following is the program schedule for greeting, showboating & presenting:

3/12/2019 Meeting

Showboating David Arnold Bob Sussky
Greeters Will Rupp Ed Auble
Speakers David Stilwell Tim Dean


3/19/2019 Meeting

Showboating Gabe S. Judie Farrelly
Greeters Dave Arnold Bob Sussky
Speakers Will Rupp Ed Auble


3/26/2019 Meeting

Showboating Marty B Michael Sajeski
Greeters Gabe S Judie Farrelly
Speakers Dave Arnold Bob Sussky


4/02/2019 Meeting

Showboating Jason Nardone Bill R.
Greeters Marty B Michael Sajeski
Speakers Gabe S. Judie Farrelly